Solar Thermal

Whether it is for hot water applications, steam, cooling or power, Mustakbal assists clients in delivering optimal solar thermal solutions. Solar thermal applications aim to reduce electricity and fuel requirements by way of generating hot water or steam by way of fixed or concentrating collectors.

In the area of low and medium temperature applications, Mustakbal is the MENA region’s representative for Apricus Solar ( a leading international supplier of evacuated tube heat pipe and flat plate collectors. As Apricus’ representatives, Mustakbal aims to support customers and distributors in the sourcing of solar components and detailed design.
For higher temperature and power applications, concentrating solutions are available and assessed based on the project requirements together with international partners and systems integrator.


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Turnkey Solar Installations

How Solar Thermal Works

We offer complete solar energy systems customized to our clients’ needs, using the best solar power technology on the market.

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Solar Thermal systems capture the sun’s rays into heat, therefore raising the temperature of water to the desired utility.

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