Turnkey PV Installations

Be it a roof, ground mount or custom design installation, Mustakbal delivers quality PV systems on a turnkey basis.  From study, all the way to commissioning, our services consist of the following lifecycle services:

  • Feasibility study
  • Permitting
  • Design development
  • Project finance
  • Material and technology selection and procurement
  • Safety inspections
  • Logistics and installation
  • Testing, QA and commissioning
  • Operation and monitoring




From the early stages of the project identification, we work closely with our customers to develop clear project objectives, and to assess viability and optimum design of such projects. Our successes in Jordan, stemming from the country’s progressive regulations that permits grid connected / net-metering systems, has resulted in several installations and case studies, among them:

  • Automotive Showroom
  • Community-Based Projects
  • Private Residences

In addition to the above, Mustakbal is processing several PV applications that will be showcased in the near future.

Among the unique solutions we offer for complex PV systems is the Tigo Optimizer that is a module level optimization and monitoring device. For more info on this product, please click here.