Mercy Corps Project, 2013


Location: Hartha, Tafileh, Orjan, Umm Quttain, Twal Janoubi
Status: Complete
Application: 92kWp
As a result of a competitive tender process, Mustakbal was awarded a contract to supply and install 75 systems in five communities that are being serviced by a MercyCorps project.  Each at 1.225kW, the systems are grid connected.  MercyCorps, ERC and distribution companies (IDECO and EDCO) hope to gain practical information and data pertaining to the adoption of PV systems in the rural environment, particularly as it relates to improving the conditions of low income families.

Energy Farming Project

Mustabkal was retained as a consultant to the GIZ Energy Farming Project where the objective was to consult on the development of PV projects as a substitute to farming, whereby the income from solar proved to be worthy of the attention of farmers. The over abstraction of water in the Azrak area is not sustainable, and the Ministry of Water aims to identify alternative income generating opportunities. The scope of work includes regulatory assessments, consultative meetings with farmers, preparation of tender documents, and business planning for the farmers.